Management Team

Management Team Mike

Michael Ocego is our CEO – he’s been with us for over nine years, starting in catering, then branching into operations for The Trusts Arena.

Mike’s leadership style is one of inclusivity, with a strong focus on growth and support of the team, as well as development of the community ties that The Trusts Arena has always championed. In his time to date, Mike has aided our community with emergency events such as a Covid Vaccination site, a Cyclone Evacuation Centre and has lead the organisation of five ‘Spooks and Sparks’ events which between them have seen over 60,000 members of the community entertained.

Over his years here at The Trusts Arena, Mike has overseen the events side rise from 190 per annum through to almost 350. Community visits have increased from 100,000 to 180,000 pre-covid and are now building back to those numbers this year.

Mike’s vision is to develop the precinct so it is future proofed and ready to deliver as a safe haven for our youth, anchor users and wider community.


management team lyndsay

Lyndsay is our Facilities Manager, our newest management team member having been with us for about nine months so far. Joining us from his previous role at Eden Park, Lyndsay is responsible for making sure our building is in tip-top condition.

The role of Facilities Manager is a varied role, and it’s Lyndsay’s job to make sure the building and its assets are maintained to a complying standard. This includes all structural, electrical, air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, painting, IT and BWOF are all looking working great and looking good.

Management team simon

Simon Daly is our Head of Sales – he’s been with us for over 11 years.

In his time to date, Simon has secured some huge events – not least the first three years’ Auckland Darts Masters, numerous events for the Warehouse, the 2020 Building Nations conference/Expo, concerts for Post Malone, Jack Harlow, Wilkinson as well as launching and growing our outdoor concert business into the success it is today, hosting the likes of Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and the Golden Lights Festival for huge shows.

Although now based in Brisbane, Simon’s enthusiasm and passion for ‘selling’ our venue has not slumped in any way – we can’t keep up with him!


management team sam

Samantha is our head bean counter (Financial Controller) and has worked at the Arena for five years.

Having grown up out West, Sam has a passion for the venue and for the community. Sam is a Chartered Accountant with over 18 years’ experience both in NZ and the UK. Sam’s commercial acumen helps us keep our ducks in a row and ensures the financial performance of the Arena is robust, allowing us to achieve our key objective of supporting the West Auckland Community.


Jordan Arena Fitness

Jordan started at Arena Fitness in 2015, and is now the Gym Manager, leading the team and the gym operations since May 2024.

Jordan has had an interest in people and their physical wellbeing for as long as he can remember. Helping people set and achieve their goals, no matter how big or small, has been a major passion of Jordan’s since he qualified as a Personal Trainer at Auckland University of Technology in 2014. Over the years, Jordan progressed from a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer role to the Assistant Gym Manager, and is now the Gym Manager – leading, managing and maintaining the fitness facility.


Past CEOs of The Trusts Arena

Mark Gosling Past CEO

Mark Gosling
2016 – 2022

Simon Wickham past CEO

Simon Wickham
2005 – 2010

Brian Blake Past CEO

Brian Blake
2010 – 2015


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