About Us


The Trusts Arena is a multi-purpose event and entertainment facility which hosts a broad range of events including conventions, trade shows, music concerts and local, national and international sporting events.

The Arena was opened in 2004 with funding coming from the Waitakere City Council, The Trusts, ASB Charitable Foundation and a range of other funders. It has always been a place for the community to gather and enjoy a wide range of cultural, community, sporting and corporate events.

The Waitakere City Stadium Trust (the Arena’s owner/operator) maintains a strong focus on being an icon for West Auckland and a hub for our community. The economic and social returns provide ongoing benefits for our community. Commercial activity and key funding partnerships with The Trusts and Regional Facilities Auckland keep the arena doors open to our community at heavily subsidised rates.

Each year over 500,000 people from across the country visit the Arena for a variety of events, over half of these people are local people here to play sport and attend community arts and recreation events.

We are very proud of the range of events and activities available to both local patrons and those coming from further away

We look forward to seeing you at the exciting range of community and commercial events and a host of sporting and recreation opportunities that we have planned in the future.


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