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Donate plasma, blood’s liquid gold.

Real life heroes are all around us, helping to save lives by donating the precious gold-coloured part of their blood. Plasma is used every day to save the lives of people who have lost blood through accidents or other trauma. It’s also used to create up to 11 lifesaving products. Because it’s so invaluable, we’re always looking for people like you to become plasma donors. So will you become a real life hero too? Check out our crown filter, share and help us find more plasma donors.

Check Plasma Eligibility

Just one donation can help save the lives of up to three people.

Are you eligible to give blood? If you are, find out where you can donate.

Many people receive donated blood for many different reasons, read the amazing stories of some of these people and see the difference someone like you can make to their life and to their families.

Often there are many questions a donor has about donating blood:

What should I expect?
Once my blood has been collected, what happens to it?
Are there different ways to donate blood?
Where do I donate my blood?
How do I book an appointment?
Why do I need to make an appointment?

Even if you are unable to donate blood, you are still able to help to help NZBS by becoming a volunteer. Our volunteers are important people as NZBS relies on their generous support to help us with many different tasks. If you have time, please consider becoming a volunteer too.

NZBS can also assist organisations and businesses to arrange a blood drive or shuttle service for group donations. Talk to our Donor Recruitment staff for more assistance on 0800 448 325 or contact us.

NZBS also has various resources that are available for the general public as well as for schools. These resources include posters, videos,  educational resources and amazing stories.


The Trusts Arena
67/65 Central Park Drive,
Auckland 0610

Location The Trusts Arena
Address 65-67 Central Park Drive, Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand
Phone +64 9 970 5200
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