Conditions Of Entry

The Trusts Arena aims to make all visitors welcome and ensure they enjoy the wide variety of events that we host. In order to maximise the enjoyment of our venue we ask all patrons to respect the following Conditions of Entry that have been designed to provide a safe and enjoyable venue experience for all. Restrictions may vary from event to event, please check the event page on the Trusts Arena website for more details.

The following items are not permitted into The Arena. Please note prohibited items will be confiscated:
• Weapons (or any items that could be used as weapons)
• Any items that can be thrown
• Furniture
• Firecrackers or other incendiary materials or devices
• Knives and dangerous weapons including mace or tasers
• Flares, fireworks, laser pointers
• Skateboards, rollerblades, scooters or bikes
• Any other dangerous item
• Alcohol not purchased from The Arena
• Animals or pets, with the exception of guide dogs
• Cans (including aerosol cans), glass bottles, thermos flasks or any breakable container, metal water bottle. For certain events reusable bottles will be permitted – check event details to confirm),
• Illicit drugs and illegal substances
• Commercially produced takeaway food such as McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Subway, pizzaetc.
• Sound amplifying devices including loudhailers, airhorns or similar
• Photographic, video or audio recording equipment for any purpose other than noncommercial purposes, which may include, without limitation, video and/or audio recorders, camera tripods, monopods or lenses with a total focal strength of greater than 200mm and commercial digital video equipment. The Event Management Staff will, at their sole discretion, determine whether or not an item is intended for personal or commercial use. Drones are not permitted to be used within the arena or precinct without permission from the Venue.
• Lighters
• Both smoking and vaping are prohibited in The Arena. Please note that any vapes used while in the Venue shall be confiscated and disposed of by our security team and/or Venue Management.
• Selfie sticks
• Any other item which the Event Management staff at their sole discretion deems to be a prohibited item which may be a danger to, or inconvenience any other patron
• Bags larger than a A3 size (high x 300mm deep x 300mm wide) are not permitted.
• Any costume, sign or banner which may inconvenience any other patron or is deemed offensive
• Signs or banners that are political, obscene, offensive or abusive
• Flag poles of more than one metre in length
• Gang patches or colours
• Courtsiding is prohibited
• Chewing Gum is prohibited
• Footwear must be worn at all times
• Prams may not be let into the venue dependant on event as there is no storage area available.
• Sound amplifying devices including loudhailers, air horns or similar devices.

• Anyone intoxicated or using drugs will be removed from the Venue without recourse.
• A valid passport, New Zealand Drivers Licence or Kiwi Access/HANZ/Hospitality NZ 18+ card
are the only accepted forms of ID for the purchase and consumption of alcohol.
• Alcoholic beverages must not be taken in or out of the Venue.
• You may not supply alcohol to anyone under 18 in our Venue.

Patron, Bag & Vehicle Searches
All patrons and their possessions may be subject to searches before entering The Arena. Searches may also be carried out during an event and when leaving The Arena, Patrons who refuse to participate in searches may be denied entry to The Arena or removed from the venue (by force if considered necessary) All vehicles entering and leaving The Arena may be searched. Prohibited items
will be confiscated & disposed of. Patrons bring personal items into the Arena at their own risk. The venue will not be held responsible for any damages to, loss or theft of a patron’s personal property

How will Patron Searches be carried out?
Where patron searches are required, a general pat-down body search will be carried out by security officers. Where patron searches are required of (i) female patrons – they will be carried out by female security officers and (ii) male patrons – by male security officers You will be refused entry or
removed from The Arena if security officers consider in their absolute discretion that:
• You are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.
• You have any prohibited item (see above) concealed on your person or in your possessions
• You refuse to surrender any gang patches or other item requested.
• You throw any missile
• You enter or attempt to pass over any crowd barrier or enter any prohibited area or restricted access area
• You breach any other patrons human rights
• You behave in a disorderly, anti-social or offensive manner (including indecent exposure)
• You refuse to follow instructions of the Arena or Security staff
• You refuse a bag search or patron search
• Metal detector wands may be used dependant on the event.

Customers enter the Venue at their own risk. Venue Management has no liability whatsoever for any damaged, lost or stolen property, nor for any other loss, damage or injury suffered by any customer, whether in contract, tort or statutory liability to the full extent permitted by law. Prohibited items will be confiscated and not returned.

Venue Management reserves the right to refuse entry or revoke a customers right to remain in the Venue if you are found to have breached these Conditions of Entry, and any customer ejected from the Venue will not be entitled to a ticket refund.


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