Traffic Light Step Orange FAQs

Please use the FAQs below to help answer any questions you may have.

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Is My Vaccine Pass needed for my event or function at TTA?

The Vaccine Pass  is no longer required unless an event organiser designates.  If you are not sure please contact your event manager at TTA or call 09 970 5200.

For the latest information please also see:

Will my community sport go ahead and will I need a MVP?

No MVP will be required during Orange Light at The Trusts Arena.

Please check this link for more information:

Can I book a casual court?

Yes, you can book a casual court. When you arrive, you will need to go straight to reception first.

Do we have to use the Covid Tracer App?

The use of the Covid Tracer app is not a requirement when entering The Trusts Arena.

Do we need to wear a mask?

Yes, you need to wear a mask in all public spaces of The Trusts Arena. They can be removed while playing sport, exercising or eating and drinking.

This page will be updated as the rules change and we answer more of your questions.


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