Pacific Island Artist Movement – Fri 19 Oct

Presented by: M.I.S.S. Productions

M.I.S.S Productions is a team made up of 4 talented Polynesian individuals who share the same vision of providing a platform to push our up and coming artists toward mainstream music.

To do this, M.I.S.S Productions presents “Pacific Islands Artist Movement” an event held at The Trusts Arena on the 19th October from 6pm-10:30pm. This event will be used as a platform to recognize our well respected Polynesian Artists who have come together to support such a great cause. Above all, this event provides the opportunity for our musically talented up and coming artists to showcase their passion and love for the art we call “Music”.

During this event guests will be able to come together and enjoy a night of recognition for all our Pacific Island moguls. Our vision is to provide a setting that will allow all age groups to come together for one night only to enjoy and breathe our pacific island beats.
This event is an opportunity for our community to connect with their Polynesian roots and unite as one community to recognize the talent that is being showcased on the night.

With the help of these artists, our community is able to enjoy a night filled with entertainment, laughter and music. This event not only brings two generations together, the talent itself are founded purely through our pacific roots which is why this event is vital within our pacific island community.

This is an R18 Event


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