Waste Minimisation

The Trusts Arena is committed to protecting the environment, and a key aspect of our environmental policy is to reduce waste.

In order to stop the commingling of all types of waste, we have removed all bins from the carpark, foyer and courts, and ask that you take your waste home with you (please remember to recycle at home!)

For items that you purchase here, we are happy to take the waste back and dispose of it for you.  We are separating all waste materials into:


All plastic drink bottles (#1), milk bottles (#2), glass bottles and jars, aluminium and steel cans – these materials are
collected by Reclaim for recycling through various onshore and
offshore markets


All food waste, tea bags, coffee grounds, compostable paper packaging, compostable PLA plastic packaging, paper napkins and hand towels, and packaging made from potato starch, corn starch, card, wood or bamboo – these materials are delivered to Envirofert in Tuakau where they are industrially composted


All paper is collected by Reclaim for recycling back into more paper products


All cardboard is collected by Reclaim for recycling into cardboard products

In the event that you have some waste with you that you are not able to take home please talk to the staff at Reception and they will be able to help you dispose of the items.

Thank you for your cooperation. We are excited to be working with you to make a difference to our environment!

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